I’ve been to Prague twice now, and both times I can’t help but fall madly in love with the city. Not only is it stunning but the general vibe makes me want to pack up my bags and move there. Now. The bars are cool, the food is delicious and the views are phenomenal.

The first time I went was on my own when I travelled around Europe. This time, however, I went with my boyfriend who was desperate to visit, because of all the great things he had heard (from me) about this famous city. It was actually really interesting for me to go back and watch someone else experience it all for the first time.

Now that I’ve been back, there are some things I would like to recommend to you. Having done the whole city break thing a lot and having done Prague twice, I feel like I’ve learned what is worth seeing and what isn’t.

So, without further ado, here are some things you should definitely do when visiting Prague.

1. Go on a free walking tour

Free walking tours are heavily underrated in my opinion. The concept is simple: you and a group of people are escorted around the city by a tour guide, for free. When I say ‘free’, I should really put an * next to it because, while they are free and you can join and then leave without paying a penny (or Koruna), the tour guides work on commission.

This means you get to decide how much you think the tour is worth without having to prepay. I tend to find that the guides are always more enthusiastic and passionate than conventional tour guides because they have to be to make a living.

I would strongly recommend booking one in on your first day of ANY city. It can help you get your bearings and tick off a few ‘must sees’ in a few hours, which frees up your time to get to know the city more intimately.

Personally, I think SANDEMAN  (not #spon) do the best free walking tours in Europe, I’ve been on about 6 now and every single tour guide has been so energetic and informative.

2. Visit the Prague Metronome

It’s no secret that Prague has beautiful architecture. Its gothic vibe makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time. So, instead of sticking to ground level, you need to see the city as a whole. You can go to Prague castle and see it, but if you want to avoid the crowds, cameras and tourists, the Prague Metronome is a really cool spot to just sit and admire the beautiful views.

3. Go on a bar crawl

Especially if you’re travelling solo, there is nothing quite like a bar crawl to meet a load of people. If you’ve never heard of a bar crawl before, you basically go around a load of bars and drink – simple concept, but LOADS of fun.

I personally recommend the Old Town Pub Crawl. You get two and a half hours of free drinks (not just beer) and the first place you go had beer pong, table football and is completely private. Sometimes when you go on bar crawls, you’re amongst the general public so it can get a bit crowded.

4. Try a Trdlo

Tasting the local cuisine is always a must when travelling somewhere for the first time. In Prague, there are plenty of traditional dishes like Goulash, but if you’re after something sweet, I would deffo recommend a Trdlo. It’s basically a doughnut-like texture filled with something sweet like ice cream or Nutella.

You won’t struggle to find one as they are sold EVERYWHERE and range from £2-£5. Try and avoid buying one in Old Town Square though, as they’ll be more expensive and they’re no different than the cheaper ones you’ll find around the corner.

5. Look up at Prague Castle

It is my favourite view of the whole of Prague. Not only is the castle stunning, but everything in sight looks phenomenal. I recommend going to Mánesův bridge and sitting outside Antonin Dvorak at night. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Have you been to Prague? What’s your favourite part of the city? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @amyjmcdonnell 🐦

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