My name is Amy McDonnell and I’m addicted to my phone. 
*Hi Amy*

We all are, to be honest, it’s 2017 and most of our lives rely on us having a smartphone in one way or another. However, after watching this video, I decided it was about time I made a conscious effort to be a little more present and little less engrossed in my phone world.

I wouldn’t say that I’m the absolute worse when it comes to my phone obsession. I wouldn’t dare have it out on a date or during meetings but there is always room for improvement and hey, it’s a new year right?

So if you’d like to join me, this is how I have/will be trying to be a little less reliant on my phone this year.

1. Setting up ‘do not disturb’ mode

You know the scene, you’re about to go to sleep, all cosy in your bed, welcoming the land of nod and then *ZZZZZZZZZZZ* your phone vibrates and you just HAVE to check it. Because what if it’s an emergency?

Oh, Jess has tagged me in a photo. Great. And now you’ve been scrolling through Facebook for an hour and a half. Thanks, Jess.

Setting the ‘do not disturb’ mode on between 10pm-7am has already stopped this from happening. Meaning I can get a good nights sleep without being disrupted by my best mate tagging me in a meme. It can wait until the morning.

2. Turning off notifications

Text messages, calls and emails. That’s all I really need to be immediately notified about. Checking Facebook as soon as a noto comes in is a waste of my time and life because nothing that is happening on social media needs my attention straight away.

So I have turned all of that off. Your phone constantly vibrating and pinging distracts you from being productive and in the moment. I struggle to stay focused as it is without my phone literally yelling at me to look at it.

3. Putting the phone away on the commute

I walk to the station and hop on a train and honestly, that journey has no signal. I usually just end up frustrated that I can’t load an article or send a Snapchat. To save my time and my sanity, I turn off my internet, put the phone in my bag and get a book out until I get to my desk.

Not only am I getting a lot more reading done (Mad Girl, I’m looking at you) and saving a tonne of mobile data, but by the time I get to work, I’m more focused on starting my work day rather than being drawn in and distracted by the latest news.

Gosh, I’m distracted easily.

4. Keeping it out of sight

Out of sight, out of mind is what they say. So, I have been putting my phone in my drawer or bag during work hours with the exception of lunch time and when I need to use it for work purposes.

Not only has this helped me to stay focused on my work for longer than ten minutes, it also keeps me off of Instagram. If someone really needs me, they will ring and then the room will be treated to the sound of Darude’s Sandstorm. Otherwise, it doesn’t need to be on my desk.

5. Switching off half an hour before bed

This has been scientifically proven to improve sleep time and time again. We all know that we shouldn’t stare at our screens until bedtime, but we all do it anyway. I will be replacing that time with either some light TV watching, reading or talking to bae.

That way I don’t stay up until 12am watching Ellen give away prizes or scrolling through Kylie Jenner’s Instagram.

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