Self care – another ‘millennial’ buzzword that’s been going around the interwebs for the past year or so, but what exactly is it?

Just like body positivity and self love, self care is another ‘trend’ that has us thinking about how we can look after ourselves more and no, it’s not just Lush bath bombs and face masks.

In a society that goes a million miles per hour, it’s more important than ever to hit the snooze button every now and then. You need to set aside some time and do something for yourself that makes you happy. Whether that’s masturbating, watching trashy TV or reading Harry Potter for the 17th time, it’s all about treating yo’self.

Whether you know it yet or not, self care is vital to maintaining your wellness and mental health. It’s not always Instagrammable and looking after yourself is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s as simple as making your bed or opening your curtains.

I’ve been thinking more and more about self care recently and wanted to share with you how I look after myself while also managing my stress and anxiety levels. This isn’t an instructional guide because we all have different needs but, hopefully, it might spark some inspiration for you to find what makes you feel good.


Relaxing on my commute

I honestly think it should be illegal for people to do work on their commutes. It’s the only time of the day where I have no signal, no responsibilities and no tasks to complete and I don’t take that time for granted.

When I’m travelling to and from the office, I make sure that I use that time wisely and destress before and after a long day’s work. Whether that’s by writing, reading or watching Netflix, I don’t allow myself to worry about anything during those 30 minute train rides.

It might not seem like a lot, but by taking control of how I spend my alone time, I ultimately feel more in control of my life and emotions.


Clearing out my phone

I’m an organised person. More so than most people I know, so when my phone gets cluttered with screenshots, unused apps and notification bubbles, I get stressed out. I clear my phone out daily, leaving nothing on there that I don’t want or need.

Most of the ways I practice self care is by doing things to help me feel in control and having a clean and tidy OS is one of the ways I do that.


Listening to music I love

Like most of the population, music is really important to me. When I’m feeling low, I make sure to grab my headphones and play my Eclectic Mix playlist (shameless plug). It has all of my favourite music on it and listening to it elevates my mood tenfold.


Eating good food

Who doesn’t love comfort food? When I’m in need of some self care I often turn to food to cheer me up. Even the act of cooking can do wonders for my mood.

I try not to immediately jump to deep-fried food because I usually end up feeling worse. Some of my favourite comfort foods include cucumber and cheese sandwiches, soft boiled eggs and soldiers and if I’m really in a ‘fuck it’ mood some Texas BBQ Pringles go down a treat.


Drinking water

I’m not that health conscious, so my diet and exercise routines aren’t consistent. However, my water consumption is and nothing makes me feel better than a glass of ice cold water in the morning.

Choosing water over fizzy drinks, fruit juices and tea is my way of keeping my body feeling healthy. If I’m ever feeling under the weather or stressed out, it usually just takes a sip off H2O to get me feeling good again.


How do you practice self care? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @amyjmcdonnell 🐦