We’ve just entered a new year which means we’re all getting bombarded with ‘New Year, New Me’ promotions that have one goal: to make money off our vulnerabilities.

While I don’t object using January 1st as a starting point to break old bad habits or try something new, I believe that you should make small changes throughout the year and that no one should be made to feel guilty about wanting to stay the same.

However, I’m a big advocate of organising and getting your ducks in a row and given that people will be searching for ways to sort their lives out in the New Year, I thought I’d take advantage of that search volume.

So, here are some easy ways to be more productive and organised in 2019.

1. Organise your inbox

Looking at an empty inbox is one of the best feelings in the world right? The only issue is you do have to keep some emails.

My system includes lots and lots of folders for bills, holidays, tickets, online orders, car stuff etc. You can even go one step further by creating subcategories. For example, under ‘bills’ I have a folder for electricity, internet, council tax and misc.

This method makes it much easier to find the email you need rather than searching through promo deals and emails from your Nan to find that one important email about your dream job.

2. Unsubscribe from promo emails

Now that GDPR has come into effect, you shouldn’t have an inbox full of junk emails you don’t care about anyway.

However, if some still slip through, it’s time to take action and finally say goodbye to that Dominos TwoForTuesday email you get every week.

This doesn’t need to be done all at once. Slow and steady wins the race in this situation. Every time you get an unwanted promo email, scroll to the bottom, unsubscribe and delete it.

Wowcher won’t be offering you 56% off of toilet rolls anymore.

3. Make your bed

You’ve finally grown up and no longer have to deal with your parents nagging at you to make your bed. Huzzah!

But honestly, making your bed each morning will make you feel instantly more productive and set you up for the day. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and living in a tidy environment is great for your mental health.

4. Style code your wardrobe

Getting up in the morning and knowing exactly where your favourite shirt makes the whole having to go to work thing a lot easier and gives you more time to watch your YouTube subs in the morning.

Style coding it makes more sense as all of your tops, trousers, skirts and dresses are together, but some people prefer to dress in a particular colour vibe. Do whatever makes it easier for you.Clean out your bag

5. Clean out your bag

Receipts, empty wrappers, many lipsticks. Whatever it is that you’re hoarding, stop it. Clean out your everyday bag and only keep the things that you need in there.

Utilise the smaller pockets for things like pens, headphones and condoms and then leave all the important stuff in the big part.

Trust me, you’ll feel oh so grown up when you don’t have to wade through receipts and sweet wrappers to find your purse.

6. Wash up straight after dinner

Walking into your kitchen and not seeing piles of plates with last weeks dinner embedded on is a wonderful feeling.

Sure, when you’ve spent time making dinner, the last thing you want is to wash up, but it takes 5 minutes, and you’ll be grateful in the morning when you can make your breakfast without getting last nights dinner all over your hands.

7. Delete apps you don’t use

Clear your memory, stop dealing with useless notifications every day and have a nice organised phone.

How can you argue with that logic?

8. Pack your bag in the morning

You can save a lot of time in the morning by making the simple decision to prep my bag. Having everything you need for the following day means you can keep a clear and focused brain to focus on more important things than whether you packed deodorant.

9. Get an ‘adult folder’

I like to organise everything visually. Partly, because I’m all about that Pinterest life, but mainly because I hate not knowing where things are.

Enter my ‘adult folder,’ i.e. an expanding file organiser, i.e. a dream for people like me.

I keep everything separated into categories: driving, qualifications, bank, bills etc. Therefore when someone asks me for an important document, I don’t need to fuss about where I’ve left it because I know for sure it’s in my folder in the appropriate sub-section.

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