There are some people in this world that I’ll never understand. People who work while listening to music… with lyrics. It truly baffles me how anyone has the ability to focus on their work when Sean Paul is singing down their eardrum.

I’m also confused by the people who work without any music at all. I don’t know whether this is because my work revolves around my ability to be creative or edit other people’s words, but I certainly can’t work with the sound of other people talking around me.

If I need to get some serious work done, Ed Sheeran is off and my work music is on. But what type of music is that, I hear you ask? Well, below is my secret to productivity in the form of hour-long YouTube videos. Enjoy.

Liquid D ‘n’ B

This was the first type of ‘work’ music I ever listened to and I love it. It’s basically chilled out versions of songs you know and love, but it goes on for an hour or two and has a nice flow.

Lofi Hip Hop

My other half actually introduced me to this after I blew his mind with Liquid D’n’B. I’m actually listening to some while I write this. I prefer Lofi Hip Hop because it really doesn’t have that many words and you don’t notice the songs switching and changing. Very mellow.

Jazz Noir

Sometimes this gets a bit much and a bit repetitive, but it’s good for a change and is really good background music in small doses.

Frequency Noise

Jenna Marbles mentioned frequency music in a podcast and I was instantly hooked. It’s more like white noise, but if you’re just after some sound to distract from your intrusive thoughts or other people’s intrusive conversations, this is a good shout.

Easy Classical

If you told my 15-year-old self that she’d enjoy listening to classical music when she was older, she’d struggle to believe you. However, this Easy Classical playlist from Spotify has some absolute gems and is good to work to.

What music do you listen to when you work? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @amyjmcdonnell 🐦

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