Welcome to my little space on the interweb. 

Amy McDonnell is a 24-year-old writer, blogger and creative living in Hertfordshire.

Although she isn’t too sure when she said goodbye to her unorganised nature and hello to a life of to-do lists and storage solutions, it’s safe to say that she’s now the queen of organisation.

Amy is a chronic over-thinker, Type 1 personality and obsessed with improving her life. So, a lot of this blog is exploring her frequent existential crisis’ and constant need to analyse everything she does.

In 2018, Amy moved into her first home and as storage solutions are her second language (along with some basic Russian, Здравствуйте!), she wants to share organisation tips and Pinterest-worthy décor.

Basically, If you like planning your life, being productive and staring at pretty homeware, then you’ll probably like this blog.

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Email: amyjaynemcdonnell@gmail.com